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True Sales Effectiveness – Partnering with your customer

December 19, 2013

As one year closes a new year tempts us with the possibility of higher success – a perfect time to review sales performance. As a sales manager I was always assessing sales performance against a plethora of measures – Sales Targets, Business Objectives, Individual Goals, Core Competencies. “What gets measured gets done” that was one of my mantras. One I still believe – providing we have correctly identified the factors that affect sales results.

Sales effectiveness metrics are evident across an organisation – in marketing, sales and customer service – but not everything can be measured. Achieving a balance of sales as a ‘science’ and the ‘art’ of sales leaves us poised to achieve true sales effectiveness.

Sales Training provides the structure, the process, the discipline to enable sales people to perform competently. Follow the steps – prepare thoroughly, set objectives, consider relevant questions, learn technical specifications, identify value and close the sale. Training sales people will not only improve sales performance but also provide the sales manager with an assessment tool.

In addition, Sales Coaching perfects the art of emotional intelligence, gaining trust, credibility, and enhancing social skills. Coaching sales people opens the possibilities of continued sales performance improvement.

True sales effectiveness is about recognising the factors that improve performance, improve it again, and again – ad infinitum!
A significant success factor is increased customer loyalty. Defining and measuring customer loyalty can be difficult, however I recall a scenario where a customer required and valued the sales person as a true partner.

An account in which my team worked was introducing a new service & the health care professionals were under pressure to look at equipment from alternative suppliers. The surgical team reluctantly agreed to evaluate products from a competitor – but only if our sales representative were present as back up. At the critical stage the surgeon struggled for over an hour to use the alternative before abandoning the device.
Our salesperson provided technical support as the surgeon attempted the procedure on torturous anatomy – again without success. An alternative solution was found and gladly the patient was fine.

After the case the surgeon and our sales professional reflected on the case, sharing their thoughts. What was clear was the value the surgeon placed on the opinion of our sales person. The mutual respect was evident and the reassurance they had in the others presence was powerful.
This trusted customer partnership was vital in reducing the likelihood of this surgical team switching suppliers & maintaining loyalty for years to come. As the new service has grown so has the partnership between the health care professional and the sales professional.
A potent example of combining sales process and a trusted relationship leading to greater sales force effectiveness.

A resolution for 2014!

Blending sales training and sales coaching provides the balance to enable sales effectiveness and deliver improved sales performance year on year on year!

Contact Sales APPROACH™ and enquire as to how we can support you in delivering outstanding sales results in 2014.

Caroline Hobson
The Sales APPROACH ™

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