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January 5, 2014

In my experiences as a Sales Manager and during my time in my business development role with The Sales APPROACH ™ I have noticed the common occurrence of Sales People often being “thrown into the deep end” given Sales Territories and Sales Targets that in many cases they are not
• Equipped to manage effectively
• Supported through thorough business planning skills.
• Given the tools to have an effective selling conversation with their customers.
• Provided the proper support from line management to maximize their personal sales performance and results

I currently experience this in my role whilst speaking to current and potential new clients. But I also hark back to my first days as a Sales Professional within a large Medical Device Company.

Despite a lengthy, thorough, in-depth company induction process and infinite amount of product training, I left thinking “ Great but what will I do, where will I go, who should I see, what will I say”.

Now as most successful sales people have done I struggled for the first six months. I spoke with colleagues, made some mistakes, learnt some valuable lessons and slowly begin to make traction to progress towards my sales target and ultimately on to sales success.

However it did not escape my attention that many colleagues left within the first year of employment or were significantly underperforming against sales targets!!!

When I progressed to a Sales Business Management Role and managing my own team I often thought, “ how do we make this better and how do we support our staff to deliver to their capabilities?”

I regularly hear and see similarities of the above when we consult with clients in respect to Sales Training and Sales Coaching delivery

• “ Can you improve our success rates?”
• “ Can you accelerate our performance pace?”
• “ Our staff turnover is too high in years 1 & 2!”
• “ Our experienced staff has lost their oomph!”
• “ We need the good to be even better this year!”

The Sales APPROACH ™ training and coaching addresses these issues head on with a simple straight forward but highly impactful selling process, that develops pre call and in call effectiveness, allowing experienced Sales Professionals to enhance Sales performance and giving those new to sales the skills & confidence to organize, plan their time and their customer selling conversations to maximize Sales outcomes.

The Sales APPROACH ™ selling system provides a methodical and systematic vehicle to enable and support all Sales Professionals to enhance their effectiveness with customers, improve sales performance and deliver outstanding sales success.

More and more companies, both large and small, from the Medical Device Sector and a variety of industries are using Sales Approach to improve Sales results…”

Give us a call to explore how we can support you and your teams in 2014

Rick German
The Sales APPROACH ™

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